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Every moment gives birth to a new story just like a wedding which is the culmination of joy and happiness for not only two souls but two families too. What is a wedding? It is a string of moments woven together with love and joy and if it is an Indian wedding you can safely blend traditions, culture and a lot of emotions into it. What happens after the vows are taken and all the rituals are performed? Only memories remain and we, Uzma’s Canada capture those and keep them safe for you to cherish forever.

Uzma’s Canadian (sub continental) Indian wedding photography – cherish your wedding memories

Welcome to Uzma’s Canadian Operations Indian Wedding Photography, the premier Indian wedding photography passionate about filming desi weddings in Canada. Uzma’s has its own team of expert photographers and videographers who use their skill and creativity to make Indian wedding albums that stand the test of time. Yes, we believe in creating wedding photos and videos that are timeless and capture the essence of an Indian wedding.

For years, in the UK, we have been leading the desi Indian photography market with our expertise and experience. We have now expanded our Indian Wedding Photography, Indian Wedding Videography and Indian Bridal Makeup services into Canada and America.  When it comes filming Indian, Pakistani, Bengali or even Arab and Persian weddings, we are the preferred choice of thousands of couples who have trusted us to capture their wedding moments. For us, each wedding is an opportunity to make lasting memories with the couple and their families.

As we all know, ethnic and Indian weddings are a gala of celebrations that continues for more than one day. Ethnic and Indian Weddings are about celebrating your culture, performing all the rituals and keeping alive the traditions that bind people. People from the sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh), even though being away from their homeland, still feel close to it through these social events. We at Uzma’s, respect their feelings and create Indian wedding photography albums that truly depict their feelings and present them in visually appealing photographs.

Sikh / Punjabi wedding photography – going back to your roots

Everything is larger than life in a Punjabi wedding. From the groom arriving on a horse to the music and dance, you get a real taste of Indian culture in a Punjabi wedding. As they say, the band, baaja, and baraat play a pivotal role in a Punjabi wedding and so our team of photographers and videographers make sure to capture every moment of this extravaganza in their frames to keep these memories alive.

The heavily embellished women, the floral decoration, the use of bright colors like red, green, and orange make every scene so vibrant. With Uzma’s, you can rest assured to relive these scenes and smile happily whenever you go through your Punjabi wedding album.

Sikh weddings are also special due to the significance of the rituals. You get to see a lot of colors also. Apart from the essential dance and music, the Anand Karaj is held in the gurudwara where the couple takes their marital vows. At Uzma’s through experience in covering Sikh Weddings in the UK and abroad, we know the significance of all these events and make sure to cover them elaborately.

Uzma’s assures you that no moment from your marriage will be lost in oblivion. We are always attentive to film those scenes and moments that have emotional appeal to everybody.

 Arab and Persian wedding photography – a blend of emotions and traditions

Arab and Persian weddings are rich in tradition and they are beautiful events. Canada has a huge Arab and Irani population and attending Persian and Arab weddings are always a memorable experience. Uzma’s has its customized Arab wedding photography service that caters to this ethnic group.

With our trained photographers and videographers, your Arab or Irani wedding video and photo albums will be a treasure for you. From covering the key events to capturing the poignant moments through our lenses, we create complete Arab wedding albums that carry the essence of the culture and also bring smiles on your faces.

Bangladeshi wedding photography – spectacular ceremonies that steal your heart

Canada is home to many ethnic groups and Bangladeshis from a major chunk of it. So, there is a huge demand for Bangladeshi wedding photography. Uzma’s offers its specialized Bangladeshi wedding videography and photography service for this culturally rich ethnic group of the sub continent. Complete with bridal makeup packages, our wedding service includes excellent photography and wedding videography options to cover the whole celebration.

We offer Bangladeshi wedding photography and wedding videography packages to create stunning albums of the wedding ceremony. From mehendi ceremony to bidding goodbye to the newlyweds, we make sure nothing is missed out. Our expert photographers are well-versed with the various Bangladeshi customs and hence craft wedding albums that reflect these beautifully.

Tamil wedding photography – a saga of colors and emotions

We specialize in Asian wedding photography and love to cover Tamil weddings. Tamil marriages are usually colorful affairs that include traditional rituals, music and a whole lot of fun too. Tamil brides look vibrant in their richly embroidered sarees, heavy gold and diamond jewelry and lots of floral accessories. The wedding venues look bright and cheerful with floral decorations and traditional lamps. Filming a Tamil wedding calls for special skill to include all the significant but small events that go to make the day memorable. Our Tamil wedding photographers and videographers have accumulated the experience to cover all the major and minor events and use the footage to create spectacular wedding videos.

Indian wedding photography – how to blend tradition with modernism

Generally, Asian weddings are traditional. The Asians love to stick to their tradition and follow all the rituals according to the religion. However, modern couples want to celebrate their weddings in a contemporary way. They prefer the western culture of ring celebration, cake cutting, and first dance. Some also love to go for a destination wedding. Keeping this change in social norms in mind, we offer customized Indian wedding videography service. Whether you are going for Muslim wedding photography or Punjabi wedding videography, we cover both the Indian and western celebrations and blend them to create aesthetically pleasing wedding albums and videos.

Indian bridal makeup package

Indian weddings are characterized by Indian bridal makeup that includes facial makeup, Indian style hairdo and mehendi on hands. With our deft makeup artists, we are well-equipped to handle all the requirements of Indian bridal makeup. We offer bridal packages for our Asian brides that complement their Indian attire. Our artists are trained in different types of Asian makeup trends. Thus, from Muslim bridal makeup to Sikh bridal look, we can confidently pull off both modern and traditional styles.

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